SXSW 2011//Saturday

Saturday. What a day.

My only goal on Saturday was to stay at the Mess With Texas Party on east Sixth because that’s where a majority of all the bands I wanted to see were playing. I was a little hurt I was missing Little Dragon, but I know they will be back (I hope). Everyone I was with wanted to try to catch Tv on the Radio with Big Boi which was cool with me cause I knew I was going to be rocking out in front of the stage for most of the shows, even though it was hot as hell and it was a mix of punk and indie music. Let the crushing commence.

The ladies (myself included) went to have breakfast at Kerbey Lane so we would be energized for the day. We drank mimosas and ate the Cowboy Queso (best queso ever. Black beans, guacamole and cheese… whaaaa?!). We were pretty full by the time our meals came around, but it was too damn good not to eat.
After breakfast we headed to the east side and walked up to the East Side Drive-Inn for the show. There wasn’t as many people as I expected to be present, but it was still early and most of the better known bands were (obviously) playing a little later. We got there in time to catch part of Deer Tick’s set, who I had heard a little buzz about. One term I HATE people using is calling a band “indie darlings” (You are not writing for SPIN, and that term is ridiculous when describing a band) but they were indeed indie rock. Rumour has it the band did a Deervana set earlier on, which (of course) was all Nirvana covers. I could kind of hear the influence, his voice is a little raspy and they have that alternative style, but they also have this slow country thing going on too. They weren’t the most interesting band to stand around and watch, but they were still a good band. If you want to hear them check out Deer Tick “The Ghost”.

(click on the pics!)

The next band to take the stage was Strange Boys. I had never heard of them but hey, that’s the point of most of this, right? I recently found out that they are from Texas (represent!) and these guys can rock. They were a pretty fun band to see, but better yet, I loved their garage rock. The songs are simple enough, meant to be heard live and loud, so they represented themselves well. Garage rock is hard to pick through, so I always have to sift through them. I checked them out again and remembered why they were so good when I listened to Strange Boys- “Be Brave”. I think it’s a good thing to have a few garage bands in your life. Some sound the same after awhile, but these kids are worth a listen.

City and Colour were next, and the only reason I knew who the heck they were was through my friend Jennifer who really likes them. I had heard one or two songs (acoustic) so I wasn’t sure how it was gonna hold up with all the rock bands, but they ended up playing with a full band (full meaning two guitars, a bass and drums). The band’s harmonies were beautiful. I was hooked. I knew from listening to it before but man, they were great! The songs were well written too. Sometimes in this particular style of rock, the lyrics are a little too… lame. These guys were on it though. All their guitars were beautiful as well. They were beautiful! I can’t tell if this is another band I would rather watch in a live setting rather than listen to it at home, because live they were amazing and I love the full band. Still I think I could just be at home and relax to it. Maybe even have a good cry. Taking back emo. The song to check out City and Colour “Hello, I’m in Delaware”. Good stuff. I just changed my mind. I think I can get lost in his voice. I can listen to it any time.

I had seen the name Do Do’s pop up all over the place for SXSW so I was ready to finally figure out who the hell they were. After grabbing another beer and sitting under the tent for a little bit (sooo hot) I had to get into the crowd after hearing the first two or three songs they did. They got noisy and experimental at times, but the lead singers voice kept it all together. Sometimes at dancey, sometimes it was loud and angry. They were all over the place, but it still sounded like a band. They drew everyone’s attention after a bit, so the crowd was getting thicker. Rightfully so, because no one could touch their sound. It was great! They were awesome performers too. All of the band members looked like they were really into playing, which is important. I hate a bored band. The songs mostly start off a little slower, then gradually build up to the more experimental sound. Check out Do Do’s – “Time To Die”

I worked my way extremely close to the stage once Do Do’s left because it was my belief that Surfer Blood was next. I was up there with hipsters and other little rock kids so I felt safe. It wasn’t untill I looked behind me at the crowd: A sea of punks. Uh oh. I realized OFF! was about to play. I was actually wanting to see them, just maybe not this close. When they started of course madness ensued, and I was pretty impressed. The guitar player was really great and he was doing his part to work the crowd, as was the vocalist, who threw his head around screaming about issues he thinks are important, and thinks we should too. It was actually through him I heard the Ben Weasel story (which was ridiculous) and he kind of got a little preachy about other things but hey, it’s punk rock I guess. They ripped through their set and would talk for a bit, but man they rocked. Even some of the hipsters were rocking out. Early on I got smashed by a crowd surfer that kicked me in the ear, but don’t worry, I punched the drunk asshole hard. I hate crowd surfing. We only had to encounter one more, and he and his friend yelled at this girl for pushing him off her. The little punk rock kid was seeking approval from the vocalist, and he responded to the fight by just saying “Hey man, we are all here to just have fun”. I agree. If you look into them, you can pretty much check out anything, all the songs were hardcore punk.

Jesus I was so ready for the last three bands. It’s why I attended this awesomeness. Surfer Blood came on, and I was praying they would be just as good live as they are on the CD. Even better. Way more energy and we got to hear all the upbeat songs from the CD. Every one around me was dancing. For those of you that don’t know, Surfer Blood is the present day Beach Boys without all the cool harmonies and with more noise and distortion. A friend at my old place of employment introduced them to me and I was hooked. The songs are really fun and catchy, some slower than others, but Astro Coast is a great CD. The boys played a mix of old and new, which seemed to be the theme of the weekend for the bands I saw. I’m really looking forward to the new CD, judging from what I heard it will be even better. The singer, John Paul Pitts, was all over the place, jumping on the drum riser, connecting with the audience and the other band members. It took the bassist (Brian Black, who I have a huge crush on…ooooo! He smiled at me I swear.) a few songs to get a little more into it, but once he was on it, he was on it. The other guitarist (Thomas Fekete) was a little more reserved, but still let loose, and the drummer (Tyler Schwarz) was a badass. He could have gotten away with simple drum beats but he managed to rock it. Loved it. They also talked to the audience as well, which is rare nowadays, and thanked us a million times. They were adorable. I was skeptical about seeing them live but I’m so glad I did. They were so great, and they put on a show. Eye candy helps.

!!! (Chk Chk Chk) was a band I had been waiting to see for quite some time. I was under the impression I would never get the opportunity to see them since there was a tragic accident involving their ex-drummer and a faulty elevator, and even though it was an extremely terrible loss, I’m glad they were able to work through it and start touring again. They had just played 35 Conferete the weekend before, so when I found out they were playing here (I couldn’t go to lil d) I freaked. I had been listening to their CDs non-stop since I moved (that and Local Natives) so I was really stoked. I spoke to a girl next to me that was just as excited as I was, and we talked a little about them. When they came on everyone was screaming their heads off. Let the dancing commence. I LOVE the crowds here in Austin because people move. I can’t stop saying that enough. It’s wonderful not to be the only booty shaker in the crowd. Nick Offer, the frontman, was unstoppable. He gyrated his hips in our faces (including a tall young man standing right in front of him) and he jumped down in the crowd screaming and dancing with us. On stage when he wasn’t singing, he was constantly moving in some form or fashion. When the band went into “Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass” your’s truly (that means me) got to sing a lyric of the song. WHAAAA?! It was so awesome! He just gave me the mike and I didn’t screw it up! Everyone patted me on the back afterwards, it was probably one of the coolest things ever. The band was feeding off our energy too, so they were all getting into it, but still staying in the shadows. The first half of the set was all dedicated to the old songs, then a Prince cover, then mostly some new and really old stuff. I think the crowds excitement dies a little bit towards the end (I really wanted to hear “Heart Of Hearts”) but it was still none the less a great show. They still sounded great live, and Nick still managed to catch his breath in between all that singing and dancing. Brave man, awesome performance.

The last show we caught (there was one or two more scheduled on the other stage, but we were hella hungry) was The Dead Milkmen. This is a band I was also pretty into, but I decided to watch from the tent because I knew the pit was about to get intense. At this point it was so crowded, you couldn’t even see the band where we were standing. They ripped their way through their breed of punk meets funky tunes and the fans went nuts. I say funky because, well, their music does have this dance vibe to it, even though it’s all a form of mockery and tom-foolery. They sounded great on a bigger stage and I was impressed. Usually that’s too much stage for a punk band and the sound sometimes doesn’t carry, but these guys ave been doing it since 1983, so they knew what they were doing. My only complaint (and this goes for most punk) is that these old guys get so damn preachy. You say you are tired of people telling you what to think? How to feel? You have an opinion of how much playing this show sucks? Come on dude, and play some music. You guys rock, and it doesn’t get much better than that. It’s almost hypocritical how much people preach when they don’t wanna be preached to. Other than that though they were freaking fun as hell. There was a guy standing around dancing to the music wearing a GIANT t-shirt dress that had a big beaver on it. I felt like he was doing a good job entertaining me since I couldn’t see the band that well. It was still really cool to hear a little punk history live. And it was even better that they nailed it. Good job!

We left the MWTXParty and walked to the food trailers to get “dinner”. I say it like that because I was still hungry. I wasn’t drunk enough yet! We all sat around trying to formulate a plan for the night. We went to Shangri-La and saw a pretty aweful band there. It was an all gril band and they sounded good instrument wise, but then one of the girls broke out in this terrible high pitched opera voice. It was seriously like nails on a chalkboard. We did get our faces painted which was pretty awesome.

 We wound up at The Aquarium and downed a drink there. We had the whole upstairs to ourselves so we danced around like idiots shouting rap songs when we knew the lyrics (that was mostly me) and we all decided we needed to go dancing, NOW. Sebastian asked one of the bartenders which one of the clubs was the best for dancing. He sent us to Malaia across the street.
We got in but managed to lose about half the group just walking (everyone was pretty, pretty, pretty wasted) to the club, and inside there was a band playing. We ordered drinks and were trying to frantically call the others. When they made it in we all went to the second floor for a crazy dance party. It was all techno, but at this point it didn’t matter cause we were dancing. We all looked like crazy people, and now that I’m thinking about it, I have no clue where we picked up all the energy. We all danced for a while, then I kind of noticed the group was all dispersed again so I went searching. I looked for the group for a while, and once we all finally caught up we decided the techno was too much, so I was left in charge of finding something good.
The only place I knew of that (I thought) would be playing dance music was Barbarella. We tried to get in but the door guy mumbled someting strange to us (actually, we were drunk and probably we the ones mumbling) so we went over to the next bar that was doing another SXSW showcase.
The place was called the Paper Garden something or another… I can’t remember, but the band there was called Army Navy and they were pretty great from what I remember. Their sound was a little louder and faster than most indie bands, it took me a second to adjust to the lead singers voice but it’s really grown on me. It’s still got a nice pop sound to it, but it’s not the same brand of rock that keeps being repreduced a thousand times over. Army Navy- “Dark As Days” is a good song to check out if you are interested!

I listened to them for a while and then we were off again to try Barbarella. When we went in Brian and I immediately lost everyone once again, but we sat on a table trying to see if we could spot them (we weren’t trying hard) and watched what I believe was a punk band playing the main stage. After a minute we went outside and listen to a spanish band that we both eneded up dancing crazy to (they were really fun, too bad I didn’t get any of the information) and then there is a big blur of chasing people around, and then a big round up of my friends. I think that was a night. Except for trying to find my car again. Be sure to write down the street you park on kids. Shit sucks.

And that was my SXSW.


P.S.- I just want to comment on how many freaking hot boyz were all over the damn place. Keep up the good work, music fests.


SXSW 2011//Friday

Truckin’ along. I’m trying to hurry and write these so I don’t freaking forget anything.

Ok so I believe this is day four for us. Again we all wake up at 10 and get ready to do our thing. The guys decided to go swim and have their own adventure, I was of course going to find me some music!

My friend Kelli met up with me at my house and we decided to head downtown to eat at World Market. I have never been to the one downtown, and I gotta tell ya, I was in foodie heaven. I made a bad ass salad and we went to go sit outside and enjoy the weather.

 World Market apparently was getting in on the SXSW madness and had some artist playing shows outside on the patio. I can’t remember this guy’s name for the life of me, but he was pretty good. The first song he did was a cover of a Magnetic Fields song but we only stayed for one more after that because we had work to do!

Our first stop was to try to get into Emo’s for the showcase going on there that included the following bands:

Cults (Large Room 1pm)
Foster the People (Large Room 2pm)
Twin Shadow (Large Room 3pm)
Givers (Large Room 4pm)
Friendly Fires (Large Room 5pm)
Unknown Mortal Orchestra (Small Room 12:15pm)
The Chain Gang of 1974 (Small Room 1:15pm)
Toro Y Moi (Small Room 2:15pm)
Esben and the Witch (Small Room 3:15pm)
The Naked And Famous (Small Room 4:15pm)
BRAIDS (Small Room 5:15pm)

We got there to catch Twin Shadows set, and I had already seen them the day before, so we sat in the bleachers. They were just as good as the day before and played pretty much the same set, so no real news there. You better have checked them out!
Givers were the next band up in the line up. I didn’t know too much about them, but I was excited to see a girl (Tiffany “Teddy” Lamson) setting up percussion and tuning a ukulele. They reminded me of a fuller more up-beat sounding Vampire Weekend, the sort of fun preppy sounding rock with lyrics easy to sing and a groove easy to move with. They were super energetic and so much fun to watch so I regret not being part of the audience. I would recommend checking out Givers-“Up Up Up”. They definitely had to be one of the better performances I saw. They finished their set with a powerful drum banging, spastic guitar playing finale. I would be scared to piss Tiffany off if she had that drumstick. Kick ass girl!
The next band we saw was Friendly Fires. I had been wanting to see them FOREVER! Once Givers left the stage, the crowd dispersed and I weasled my way to the front (honestly, there wasn’t much weaseling..) in hopes that a dance part was about to begin. Everyone around me seemed pretty excited, so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. I chatted with a girl behind me about all the bands we had seen so far and how stoked we were about Friendly Fires. When they finally got to the stage (again, it seemed like hours!) we all screamed our lungs out. It was like teenage girls at *NSYNC (not that I ever witnessed that myself…) I didn’t really know what to expect from the guys, but man, they blew me the hell away! Ed Macfarlane (lead vox, keys) was so fun to watch, his energetic dancing pulled every one in. He made it hard not to shake your booty just as hard. They played a mix of new and old songs, but they didn’t play “Skeleton Boy” and I was really surprised. I guess when you hear your own song 15 trillion times you kind of get over it. I can’t say I was too hurt by that because the show was still great. Most of the audience was jumping around or doing some form of dancing. Edd Gibson (guitar) was working his side of the crowd just as much, and thankfully wasn’t shy about walking the stage (he is good-looking! I wanted him to come over to my side! Really… they all are) and Jack Savidge (who I had just seen DJ a few nights before) was working the drums. What I really loved is that they all seemed genuinely happy to be there. You don’t see that much I feel like. The set was cut a little short from other bands running over, but I’m just happy I was able to see them. If you want to check them out I would recommend Friendly Fires- “Paris” but I promise you, if you are into this sort of music, you will like it all.

When the show was over Kelli and I started to heard towards the French Legation to try and catch the end of !!!’s set, but my friend Heather had just gotten into town and I had to find her. In the distance I could here Toro Y Moi in the middle of a set, and it was hard to walk the other way. When we found Heather we walked to get food and then headed to the French Legation to see if anything was still going on, but no such luck. We sat down for a minute debating on where we should go. At this point we really just wanted to go find somewhere to drink. We walked back to the west side and heard music going on at Side Bar and decided to check it out. We sat outside and I got to catch up with the girls and we waited around for the next band to start. This is another band who’s name I was not able to catch, but no matter. I liked them alright, but they weren’t great. I could see the girls goodies because her dress came up so high in the front. Save some for the after party girl! They played their set and we left to move on to something else. I rememebered that there was supposed to be a good showcase at (ahem) Peckerheads so we headed that way. It was a tight squeeze to get in on the side where the next band was playing but I was curious. I didn’t know the scedule so I had no clue what we were in for. I think at that moment I decided it was time for me to start celebrating my birthday week. David met up with us there and bought us a round of whiskey shots and beers. The band that ended up playing wasn’t great so we walked over to the next room and finished our drinks. That’s when all the rest of my boys started showing up too, and we decided it was time to migrate. But not before taking pictures with the fishies:

We walked around sixth for a bit trying to find a show to go to or a place we all wanted to go to, and eventually that place ended up being the damn street. Thats right. We drank in the middle of sixth street and it was awesome!!

 I forget that you can do that. Cops walked past and said nothing. People didn’t even think twice. We chugged our beers and decided to try to get into Shangri-La, but when we got there the line was freaking insane. My friend Tim told me he was over at The Brixton, so we headed there to meet up. The guys played a couple of intense games of fooseball, I was getting intensly drunk, and my conversations were feeling tense so it was time to go. The guys and Kelli went to get food and Heather was ready to call it a night (I needed to as well… stupid confidence!) so we headed home. And thus, the cycle repeats.

whew! Only one more day of this shit!

SXSW 2011//Thursday

Let me take you on my next journey. Ready?

Thursday morning I woke everyone up around 10 in hopes to eat breakfast and head downtown to the Mtv Garage party that was starting at 12:30. To make it into any of these parties, you seriously have to show up at least an hour early. We got off to a late start, and we decided to eat at Kerbey Lane which pushed us back even further. Totally worth it though because Kerbey Lane is greatness for your taste buds. Of course it was packed in there, but that gave us time to look though the Austin Chronicle and find an awesome page that listed almost every event that was going on during the week (unfortunately, someone let it slip through their fingers and into the cracks of our booth) so we started getting more ideas of where we wanted to go and who we wanted to see. We formulated a plan (some what) and finished our food and got a move on. Our first stop was to Waterloo Records.

The reason we skipped out on the Mtv Garage party (the line-up included Foster The People, Friendly Fires, Kids of 88 and Matt & Kim) was that I was pretty sure at this time of day (it was already 1:00) it was already at capacity. Brian and I really wanted to see Toro Y Moi any way and they were playing at 1:30 inside the store. When we got there the band Greenhornes were finishing up their set, and from what I heard it was pretty good. They had a nice classic sound that was reminiscent of 60’s rock complete with ever so slightly distorted guitars and an organ to compliment the whole sound. They put on a pretty decent show too, so I can’t wait to listen to more. If you are interested in checking them out I would recommend listening to The Greenhornes feat. Holly Golightly- “There is an End”
Toro Y Moi was setting up inside so I walked in to check him out. Waterloo was super crowded and the air was sticky and gross from the amount of people inside, but I still found a great spot to watch them from. They played an extremely short set much to my dismay, but hey, I know we are on a time frame here. Their set consisted mostly of songs from their new album “Underneath The Pine” which included “Still Sound” and “New Beat”. He also played some old ones including “Talamak” which is a personal favorite. The crowd was a tight fit, but we still managed to dance or bob our heads to the funky chill-wave music. This was my second time seeing him, the first being at Fun Fun Fun Fest 2010, and he still blew my mind. After the show he was doing an autograph signing in the back and I happened to accidentally be standing in line for it anyway. I didn’t have the new CD with me (I don’t normally carry CD cases with me, period. That would be weird) but I did have my handy-dandy notebook with me and asked him to sign that. Oh, and he was nice enough to take a picture with me!

So it was all in all a great set. I could tell they were getting tired, I mean, they played over seven or eight shows easily, plus continuing their North American tour… jeeze guys take a break! If you would like to check them out I would recommend “Talamak” or “Still Sound” but really with him you can’t go wrong, I promise you!
The band playing outside after Toro Y Moi was Generationals and I got to catch a bit of their set. I liked what I heard of them as well, the music was upbeat pop/rock that was easy to sway to. I didn’t stay for the whole set because I was parked in a spot with a time limit, so I was trying to rush everyone out of the area. We headed back to my car for the next adventure!

We stopped at this liquor store on the east side to get some drinkage to sip on while we walked around and debated on what to do next.

Now, anyone that knows me knows I was planning on camping out for The Strokes show that was going on that night. Obviously, I did not. No worries. I made everyone with me show up about two and a half hours early. I’m serious. We made some drinks for the long walk to Auditorium Shores (Justin made the strongest margarita I have ever tried in my life… *shivers*. I stuck with whiskey and Pepsi) and chugged them on the walk.

 The line was outrageous. I have never seen so many people in my entire life I promise you. People did actually camp out and I doubted my über fan status. It was nuts. They didn’t start letting people in till about 5:30 (our line anyway) and I thought it was going to be a freaking prison break to the front. I was for the most part very wrong about this. I grabbed a beer and headed to the stage. I lost my friends in the process, but I needed to be up front. I deserved to be up front, dammit! The crowd around me got tighter and tighter, and I all the sudden was around every drugged up crazy person in town. I was a little annoyed at the people around me at first, In particular this guy:

Who also decided to let all the rest of his extremely tall friends cut to the front with him.

I ended up making friends with the girls beside me, and talked to a few others, but not one could tell me the song title to the lyrics on my arms. HA! I did deserve to be in front!
The first band, or I should say group, to go on was Luke Rathborne who said he has never played Austin before. He had a great voice and I was into most of his set. He was actually pretty funny, talking to the deaf interpreter about signing his music and asking how to sign “F*ck Yeah!” His music has a singer/songwriter turned electic sound, usually with this I tend to get a bit bored, but he was fun to watch and got really into the show. Now that I think about it, he reminds me a little of Bob Dylan. His live show is more interesting than the recorded music to be honest, but he is still worth checking out for sure. If you want to give him a listen I would suggest checking out Luke Rathborne- “Pantomime Fear”

The next band up was Twin Shadow who I was really looking forward to seeing. I had heard a little bit about them from various sources so I was ready for this. They did not disappoint. I was kind of scared when the token girl keyboard player came out (sorry I know I sound like an ass, but sometimes it bothers me) but she was great. The band was all dressed for an 80’s night dance party and I loved it. You could tell that they wanted it to be a dance party with the music too. The music was synth heavy, booty shakin pop music. It was great! They got the crowd really worked up and mostly everyone I was around was moving to the beat in some form or fashion. Most of their songs were catchy and upbeat, but they announced a slow jam after a while. Lucky for us, “Castles in the Snow” was still upbeat enough for us to be into it. I know they walked off that stage with some new fans, including myself. Song to check out: Twin Shadow “At My Heels” Good times.

Of course the next band was The Strokes. Boy, was I freaking excited! Everyone was. I guess thats why in a huge rush I was swept off my feet and thrown to the center of the pit. It was madness I tell you. They opened with “Whatever Happened” and punched through some other older classics then sprinkled in some new songs from “Angles” which is released TOMORROW! They did “Under Cover of Darkness” which is the first single from the new album and it was amazing. These boys seriously sound just like they do on the albums. Almost midway through the show they started doing a slowed down version of “Under Control” with light instruments and Julian’s signiture voice rising above it. I seriously lost it. It’s been one of my goals since Room On Fire was released to see them play this song live. It was beautiful.  I really wish I had a recording of the live version. Even though I was in a sweaty boy sandwich and getting elbowed by girls trying to get passed me, nothing could phase me at that point. I love that I have a song I get lost in. I believe everyone should have that. Of course we had to get rowdy again, so they broke out “Someday” after that and we all went nuts again. Inbetween trying to dance and gain my footing (at times, you were literally lifted off the ground getting shoved around) I was shouting the lyrics along with my Strokes Fan-Family. It was a beautiful thing. After I while I couldn’t catch my breath, so I had to step back to a calmer part of the crowd and enjoy the show from a little further back. They played a few more old  hits from the first three albums like “Juicebox” and “I Can’t Win” and of course ended with “Take It Or Leave It”. It was powerful. The crowd was all over the place. I looked back and saw an ocean of people behind me. It was insane! When they left the stage everyone threw a fit and spent what felt like ten minutes of us begging for more (it was more like two) and they finally came back out. They opened with a new one called “Gratisfaction” and we asked for “Hard To Explain” which Julian told us we were asking for a song they were totally not ready for (it was perfect to me) and then ended with “Last Nite”. Let me just tell you how epic this was. “Last Nite” is a great Strokes song, but add the fact that there are a million people singing and dancing, plus having the Austin skyline as the setting (the skyline here is awesome, just the right amount of tall buildings with pretty lights) plus: fireworks. Whaaaaa?? It was the most amazing thing I have witnessed so far in my adult life. I mean, fireworks? awesome. Austin? great. Free show? yes please. The Strokes? SERIOUSLY?! It really doesn’t get much better. I felt like time had left me and that I was in this perfect little place and I never wanted to leave. I really couldn’t draw myself away. There was a guy behind me crying. I wanted to hug him and tell him I felt the same way. It was epic. I didn’t want the night to end.
Getting out of the crowd was a bitch though, like I said there were a TON of people there. The park was at “capacity”. People tore down the fence to see them. Madness I tell you. I finally caught up with my boys and we were off to our next adventure. I knew Calvin Harris was playing at The Parish, but I was doubting I would make it in time. We walked back to my car and were all discussing where we were headed next. Most of us decided to eat chicken & waffles before heading to Red River and that was a great choice if you ask me. We downed the waffle tacos and decided to see if we could get into the TV on the Radio show. They told us it was $35 to get in and we all said no freaking way. We waited around to catch up with a friend and ended up spotting Donald Glover and Danni Pudi taking a ride in a pedicab on Red River (they are from the show “Community” and Donald Glover is a pretty good stand-up comic).

*EDIT* I forgot to add that inbetween these events I took the guys to Mugshots, but there was a DJ just playing techno music that was getting on my nerves and a ton of old ravers outside spinning fire. I hate that shit. We sat around inside for a bit and bounced after a drink or two.

 We took our adventure down west Sixth to see if we could get in to any shows but most venues had a cover charge. We ended up running into another friend from Denton and decided to go dance wherever we could.
We ended up at a bar called The Lounge and it didn’t seem fun at first. Yeah, there were people dancing and there was cheesy rap music playing but I was doubting the Frat to Fun ratio. This is important. It ended up being awesome (Friends and shots always help matter) after we started our own dance circle and invited random ladies to join in. It was tons o’ fun! The day was long though and by 2:00 I was for sure ready for them to wrap up their Black Eyed Peas remixes so I could convince every one to go home and go to bed. It was that time you know? I mean, the night couldn’t be any more epic than this. Good Friends. Good Bands. Good Times. The drinks were good too.

Updating more tomorrow!

Oh and P.S.
I saw the coolest thing ever:

ride the bus!

SXSW 2011//Wednesday

Wow. What a week this was. Let’s get this done!

I wanted to update this more during SXSW, but I was waking up at 10:00 every morning and going to bed at 4:00, and partying and sleeping came before blogging. If you checked out any of the parties I posted or saw any sort of event line-ups, you know that the show cases were AMAZING! I had a whole schedule for myself, but of course, these things never work out that way because there is way too much to do. Not to mention SXSW covers a TON of ground and sometimes you just can’t get your legs to carry you to the next venue fast enough. It’s also a little harder when you have eight other people you are trying to keep tabs on. On that note, special shout out to all the friends that stayed with me:: Brian, David, Heather, Jonathan, Justin, Kelli, Nick, and Sebastian. Most of my friends got into town on Wednesday, and that’s where my second day of partying began! Well, after I got of work of course.


I rushed home after getting off work to hang out with all my boys that were in town trying to figure out where to tell them to go. Most of the good parties were during the day, so I had no ideas at the time.  Here’s what I missed::

Fader Fort
Toro Y Moi
Young The Giant
Friendly Fires
Twin Shadow

IODA @ Emo’s
True Widow
Beach Fossils
Gold Panda

Eat Your Own Ears @ Emo’s
Foster The People

Etc… Many of the bands were playing two or three shows a day but I didn’t get to see any of them Wednesday. I also missed tUnE-yArDs, but I was hoping to catch them sometime this week (I didn’t). Same case with the other bands except I eventually got to see them.
Anyway, I told my friends to meet up at Shangri-La, which was another place I had wanted to go to during the day because Friendly Fires::Foster The People::Local Natives (DJ set) was going on, but I had to work so I can pay for all my bad habits so i missed it. We had to wait in a line to get up there, but it was worth it because the Brooklyn Lager was $3 and so was the Sailor Jerry’s. I was all about that. We drank for a bit and we trying to decide our next move while waiting for some friends to show up as well. When they arrived we talked about maybe migrating some where with (live) music. I ran into a ton of old friends from Denton and caught up with them, downed my drink and got out of there. We went next door to a bar called Cheer Up Charlie’s where there were two stages of shows going on almost all day. I got there just in time to catch a band called Le Big Fig that I ended up being pretty impressed with. They were a noisy rock band and I can’t tell you much else about them because they never said anything about the band. This guy I ended up chatting with after their set went and asked their name for both of our sake. They were pretty darn good though. After Le Big Fig’s set I walked over to the other stage to see the next band and catch up with more friends and ended up meeting some new one’s. The next band setting up looked like they might be interesting, when bands start setting up mixers and synths I know it can either go good or bad. Well, this my friends, was awful. Seriously, I’m usually a very positive person about music even if it isn’t my favorite, and it was impossible to say anything close to okay about this band. I didn’t catch their name (I didn’t care, and they can thank me for not blasting them by name) and I didn’t stay long enough to catch it if they ever mentioned it. If you know me, feel free to call me and ask me how this girls voice sounded, but this was more about lyrics. Maybe I’m just not deep and dark enough to understand songs with lyrics like “Sexxxxxxx withoooout toooouching. Our groins….” or “I hate tyyyyymmmeee, I’m nevvveeer ooon tyyyymeee” but I was most certainly not the only one in the crowd cracking up. It was around this time that my guy friends showed back up and we all knew we had to get the hell out. Her scary man voice will haunt me for the rest of my days. Click on the pictures below if you want to see the the pictures from this show::

When we left we just decided to go back and chill at Shangri-La. There was a DJ spinning inside the bar, but only two or three people dancing. Everything was starting to die down a bit, but Justin wanted to try and get a shot of tequila before we went home. We ran down to west Sixth and walked through some random bars and we got the man a shot. We were in for an even bigger day Thursday, so after that we headed on home.

It was off to a good start! I knew we were on our way to having a rad week. I’ll be posting the rest tomorrow, but it’s almost 5:00 a.m. and it’s my birthday. To celebrate, I will go to bed. Pretty strange birthday. Spent it watching Jackass and Going the Distance. Eh.

Thanks for reading!

Oh and let me leave you with a little magic::

Party 4 the people

Well last night marked the beginning of my SXSW adventures. I mentioned before I was attending this:

Here are the pictures (finally!)

Well I went and it was AWESOME! I went by myself (don’t worry, I tried to talk some friends into it, but the odds of getting in were slim to none, the line was ridiculous) and it was totally worth it. I was scared they were going to tell me I couldn’t bring my camera in so I was prepared to use the blog as an excuse, but they let me! I went in an bought myself a $4 PBR (I could have bought a six pack for that dammit) and went to blend in with the crowd. I almost immediately ran into a friend from Denton, and talked to him about the Djs that were playing that night. He told me he had seen a few of them before, and actually liked their DJ sets a little better than their bands. I was intrigued, but I really like Friendly Fires so I was doubtful. I like the music better than the remixing. I got to the show a little late so I missed Sososoon, but got there in time to catch Millionyoung.

Millionyoung’s set was pretty good, I mean, it’s not hard to get a bunch of hipsters to dance if you’ve got some good indie pop going and the Lone Star flowing. He played remixes of Phoenix, Toro Y Moi, and some remixes of some hip-hop songs and some 80’s hits. His transition could have been a little smoother, but he still got the party started. I was definately dancing in the corner (thankfully, everyone kind of looked like a loner) and I always enjoy hearing some of my favorite bands getting some recognition. I also saw another friend I knew in denton and danced with her.

The next set was by The Hood Internet, and I was looking forward to it immediately when they transitioned sets playing a Notorious B.I.G. song. His set reminded me alot of Girl Talk, mixing rap songs with 80’s/indie/electro music for the background. It was pretty great. The last time I saw Girl Talk it was almost too crowded to move, so I got to relive the moment, except now I felt like people were getting a little to close to me with their bumpin’ and grindin’ (my back is not your boyfriend’s crotch!) but it was nice to see people DANCING! I cannot stress this point enough about Austin. Every time I have seen a show or gone dancing people actually move. It’s great!
Back to The Hood Internet though. Pretty awesome DJ. I would definately go see him again. I mean, he finally did a mix of Arcade Fire’s “The Sprawl II” with Blondie’s “Heart Of Glass”. Tres Bien! He for sure got the crowd worked up and ready for the next DJ set.

Now, I’m sure most people were expecting the Friendly Fires DJ set to be more like The Hood Internet and Millionyoung smashed together (a melting pot of everything we love, and some bad songs made good) but that’s not what they got. I have come to learn that DJ sets are never what you expect. You literally have no clue what is going to come out of those speakers. In this case, it was all house music. Im not really a huge fan of this style of… music…. but it wasn’t bad at all. He was good at what he did. He actually played cd’s instead of mixing on a computer (isn’t that sad I brag about the cd’s?) which I thought was cool. He hit hard with a couple of the mixes, so I was impressed with some, and then bored at times. I made a few friends at the front of the crowd and we were disappointed when we looked back at everyone and saw that the crowd had thinned out. I guess hipsters love fimiliarity.
Some people ended up sticking around though, and with a few more drinks in their system, they danced and pranced (I’m serious about the prancing) and carried on. And we all lived happily ever after.

I left a little early, right after I realized I was probably the only sober one. I ended up helping out the stage guy by telling people to get their drinks of the stage (He told me I’m a sweetheart!). I needed to leave early anyway because today is my seventh work day in a row (that’s right, seventh) and I can’t party to hard cause that’s what Thursday and Friday are for! Yay!

My events today are undecided as of right now, but if you are at the Paste Party or Austin Imposition I’m extremely jealous. Here are some of the events I’m thinking about attending today:
Spider House
All Together Now

If you are lucky and have the day off, there is a great list of parties and events Here. It also lists the parties for the rest of the week as well. Some of the lists are already closed, but it’s worth a shot.



SXSW: Bring it the hell on.

Ok so I know I said I would tell you about the rest of Rachel and I’s adventure. Don’t worry, I will. But right now there is something big going on in my town… something that can not be tamed…

Awwwww yeah! SXSW! And can I just tell you how exited I am? Well, that’s what this blog is dedicated to. This weekend I started my SXSW celebrations that I will be sharing with you, but first, let me tell you what is in store for the week. Maybe we are attending some of the same shows?

Wednesday I started doing my research for the parties/shows I wanted to attend. I RSVP’d to a ton of parties that feature some of the bands that have caught my attention as of late. Here are a few you may or may not see me at starting Tuesday:

Tuesday the 15h:
10:00 pm:: Friendly Fires (DJ set), The Hood Internet, Millionyoung (DJ set), Sososoon, etc.

Wednesday the 16th:
11:00 a.m.:: Friendly Fires, Local Natives (DJ set), Foster The People, ect.
@Shangri La
2:00 p.m:: Fader Fort Day 1 with Toro Y Moi, Oh Land, Young The Giant, ect.
@Pine Street Station
(These events I probably wont be able to go to but hey, a girl can dream!)
Night Time: Surfer Blood @Beauty Bar

Thursday the 17th
12:00 p.m:: MTV Garage with  Friendly Fires, Matt & Kim, Kids Of 88, etc.
@Red River Garage
8:00 p.m.:: THE STROKES
@Auditorium Shores
Night Time: Calvin Harris @The Parish

Friday the 18th
12:00 p.m.:: The Glitter Taco Smoosh Party with Das Racist, Abobi Seksu, No Joy, ect.
12:00 p.m.:: Friendly Fires, Cults, ect.
Night Time: Peguin Prison @Friends

Saturday the 19th
Mess With Texas Party with Dead Milkmen, Ted Leo, Surfer Blood, ect.
I’m not too sure about saturday… It’s up in the air. A ton of bands that I would Love to see are playing and I guess I will just see what I can get into! I for sure want to try to see Little Dragon or MSTRKRFT, but really I just want to see some damn good music.

So, I’ve already started celebrating spring break for everyone by going out and trying some new bars to tell you kids about. There are a TON of tourists out already and everyone wants to know where you can from, and I can finally say ATX! I guess I will catch everyone up from Friday because that’s the last thing I remember… (kidding?)

Friday night I originally had plans to attend this Questlove art show event, but unfortunately my friend that was supposed to attend said event with me had to cancel. I guess I could’ve gone alone, but, I didn’t. C’est la vie, I guess. It sounded really awesome though… here’s the poster:

Rad huh? I keep telling myself I probably wouldn’t have made it in time any way, I know these types of things fill up quickly. If anyone that reads this went, please tell me how it was! You have my permission to make me jealous.
So instead of going to th show I met up with some friends at crow bar. This one was for sure new to me so I was excited. Hilary told me about the specialty drinks they offer like gin infused with lavender and I was all about trying something new. When Google maps finally found me the right directions, I learned that the bar was a little ways away from where I live and even from where I’ve been going out, but that’s the thing about Austin is all it’s little pockets everywhere. There is seriously a bar for every type of person, unless you are boring. Wait, I think there is probably a bar for that too… Anyway back on topic, when I finally found the bar (Off South Congress, and I mean south!) I figured out very quickly what type of person this bar was made for: Pin ups and Rockabillys. Well, not entirely, but the bartender that served me look like a modern Betty Page, too cute! I loved it. And the guys were sharply dressed which was even better. On the wall to walking up to the bar is a chalkboard full of their specialty drinks, and I had to take a minute to look it over. The list was impressive and I wanted to try more than one, but I settled for the Lavender Haze (lavender infused Hendricks, blackberries, raspberry liquor, lemon, soda). The drink was about $8 which was a little bit more than I wanted to spend (says the girl that drinks PBR tall boys every night) but it was worth spending the money and having something delicious to drink. Sometimes you need to treat yourself, and that was one of those moments. I sat down and caught up with Hilary and her friend Linda that I’ve been hanging out with and was enjoying the atmosphere, but then someone started playing awful music on the jukebox. I want to say it was something Industrial, but it doesn’t even matter. Just know I didn’t like it. I didn’t really get to explore the bar too much, but I will cover the basics. The patio is in front of the bar which I thought was pretty rad, when you first walk in there are a couple of pool tables which is always a good staple, and in the back is the main bar area. There was a good mix of people there which is always a plus in most cases. I for sure want to go back and try more of  the mixed drinks. There was a whiskey one I really regret not getting. Next time!

You can see a few pictures here (click the pic!)

I left after my one drink to meet some of my other friends on sixth street. I’ve made it almost a month and a half without going to bars on “sixth street” (only on the east side!) but that’s where my friend Catlin was, and I wanted to see her! She told me to head over to The Dogwood and I obeyed.
It was a Friday, and as I mentioned a thousand times already it’s the start of SXSW, so getting around is sort of a pain in the ass. I parked in my usual spot (I’m not telling) and walked through a sea of people and made it in the bar. The crowd here was… well, not my crowd typically, but I was willing to try. The set up was actually really nice, there is a huge bar in the middle of the outside area, with a ton of freaking liquor, but I was trying to be good that night so I stuck with a good ol’ PBR. I got my PBR (the most expensive one I have had in Austin at $3.50 a pop, atleast it was a tall boy) and started the search for Catlin. Once I caught up with her and met her friend Taylor we headed to the bathrooms and here’s why I mention this: The bathroom was nice. The line was one other girl. It was CLEAN! How amazing! Ladies bathrooms are also the best place to over hear stories. One girl bet me her Sierra Nevada was cheaper than my PBR. I questioned her and she pointed to her friends and said “WE SNUCK BEER IN!” Well, I was jealous and she was right. She did pay less. Jerk! Catlin told me at one point there were guys passing out drink tickets, but alas, I arrived too late for the greatness that is dirt cheap drinks. Outside again, we were approached by a guy asking us if we are from the area and made small talk about the city (he was from Dallas… or so he claimed!) We walked away after a bit (small talk can only drag on for so long, so next time people, bring your A game) and got more beer, this time switching to Shiner cans which set me back about $4.50. Screw you expensive Shiner! We found a nice little spot to stand in and I talked to Taylor about bars in the area (she’s from here) and turns out we like a few of the same places. Good to know! So you remember at the beginning of all this I told you my friend and I were gonna go to the ?uestlove thing? Well guess who came strolling through The Dogwood! Not ?uestlove, my friend! I got to thinking how bizzare it was out of 537 bars he came to the exact one I was at without knowing! Strange world. It was good to have him there though. We eventually found a free table and some of Collin’s friends joined us there. We sang along to the awesome music choices (our best moment being Build Me Up Buttercup) and observed a patron putting stickers on unknowing subjects around the bar (don’t worry, they were all kind of tools) Seeing the guy putting stickers on peoples back make me think of home a little bit. That night was really nice though. I really enjoyed myself and I had a moment of joy when I was in my car driving home. Home. It’s still strange but I’m happy. I do miss my friends in little D, for sure when my birthday come around!
Any way heres the pictures from that bar:

I would update a little more but my bed is calling me. Missing that hour of sleep killed me. I will probably be updating quite a bit this week seeing that there is so much going on. Im hoping most of these places will let me bring in my camera! Dear wordpress, press pass please?

Again, if any one is coming to Austin let me know! I would love to see you and I know of some awesome places to go!

Thanks for reading,

For your enjoyment!

A departure and a visit

It’s been a little over a month now and I’m still loving Austin. I’ve been too a few more bars now, but more about that later. First: The departure.

Most of the people who actually read or care about this blog know I recently went to visit my hometown of Denton. It was really great to see my friends, but it was sorta strange. It didn’t feel like I ever left to be honest, just picking up where I left off. We partied, more than I’m used to now, but everyone was really fun to be around. I have to apologize for the last night I was there because I, myself, was no fun at the end. The first night I met up with everyone on Fry Street and tried to catch my friends up on various stories I can’t really share on my blog (sorry kids!) I cut a ton of hair (yay!) and drank a ton of alcohol (double yay!) and had a blast dancing around Andy’s with my friends the next day. I even squeezed in a trip to a thrift store while I was there. The next day was pretty much the same thing, except for a little drama at the end of the night (that, lucky me, I’m still dealing with) You can see all the pictures:

Here! (Well, click on the picture…)

Just a teaser

 I was pretty worn out by the time I got home, I’m definitely just not used to drinking every night, but I still managed to go out with some friends that made their way to Austin that day from Denton. Let’s talk about that.

When I got back into Austin I had to rush to get ready to meet my Denton friends Erin and Kayla. Erin got a suggestion to go to a bar called Nasty’s and I was game. The bar is off the North side of Guadalupe, which is an area I had yet to go to. It’s kind of hard to spot, but it’s pretty obvious it’s a bar once you see it. Inside the bar was super chill, we were one of three separate groups of people inside, but it was a welcome change from all the madness that was Denton the previous days. My girls had already bought a pitcher of frozen margarita they were willing to share with yours truly and I never turn down free alcohol (which is a lie, you’ll find out later) so I helped myself. In hindsight, and honestly, after the first sip, I wish I would’ve just stuck to beer because the margarita was… well it was gross. It was one of the wine based margaritas and it tasted more like water. No worries because my dear friend Collin later showed up and treated us to shots of tequila… and another pitcher of frozen water-ritas. Now, im not much of a tequila drinker, and I embarrassed myself in front of the few people who were actually present by choking on the one shot I took. (It went down the wrong hole!! I know, I know… that’s what she said…) Collin was a sweetheart and offered more throughout the night, but I had to refuse. I did get treated to a jagerbomb though, and I can take those like a champ. The rest of the night was nothing out of the ordinary, an unfinished dart game, met some of Erin’s Austin friends, trying to stay awake and enjoy my friend’s company. I ended up leaving the bar before close (I’m usually the one getting told to get the hell out) but I did have to go back to work the next day, so rest was welcome. So just to recap on the bar: Nice setting, just don’t drink the ritas. Unless you are into that sort of thing. It’s for sure a nice place to just chill, sixth street is always the Saturday night “hotspot” so if you want to get away from that traffic, this is for sure a good alternative.

Now let’s skip a few days and talk about “The Visit”:

Rachel had been talking about trying to come down and she finally found some spare time to come see her bestie (that would be me) and I was really happy she was able to. I didn’t think I was going to be able to see her much because at the moment my schedule was to work on Wednesday and be off on Thursday, which was the day she was leaving. Well, not surprisingly, my schedule changed for the fifth time since I have moved here (in other words, almost once a week since I have lived here) so I was off on Wednesday! Rachel got in town Tuesday night so of course we had to go out and celebrate! We checked out my new favorite website and searched for ideas. I had a suggestion made by a friend to check out Barbarella cause on Tuedays it’s a dance party. Well, come to find out they even have a special name for this awesome dance night: TuezGayz. It’s my replacement for Denton Tuesdays, minus the 75 cent wells. I do miss those cheap drinks.
TuezGayz is an awesome dance night despite having to spend a little more on liquid confidence. The DJ’s name is Glitoris… I mean, come on! Best DJ name I’ve heard in a while. The bar is a lot bigger than I knew (I actually found out how big it was last night) but we stayed in this room with some of the only tables at the bar ( I really think there are only two) for a while and then finally worked up some courage to dance our little hearts out. Glitoris played a little of everything from Crystal Castles to Tina Turner. I was pleased. Oh and I should mention that Austin has a very heavy hand pouring shots. 

 Later on we moved on to the Brixton which is where Rachel said she had wanted to go for a while. I was down because I liked the name and the sound of the place. I noticed right away that we were the only chicks at the bar, but the bartender was really sweet and they were playing Scott Pilgrim (which I just watched for the first time, excellent movie!) We only stayed for a beer but it was a pretty rad place. I want to explore it a bit more soon.

Our next stop was  good old Shangri La. This has become my go to bar in a way. You can’t beat the jukebox and the crowd is pretty good. Lot’s of hipsters, so I guess I feel at home… It has one of the best outdoor areas of any bar I’ve been to so far. I always get a compliment when I’m there too. Feed my ego! It gets pretty crowded there, but it’s a nice place to go to if you enjoy being around people. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. I’ll have to elaborate more on it next time.

Well I think I have made this a little longer than intended so I will stop there. Join me next time when I elaborate more on Rachel and I’s adventure and I will be posting about Kite Fest too. I promise to start taking more pictures too. It’s just hard when you are either the only person or only one person is with you… kind of awkward.

Thanks for caring!

Three Weeks Deep…

I don’t know why I think my life is so interesting I had to blog about it… but I’m going to. You must think I’m interesting or you wouldn’t be here… would you?

Most of you I’m sure already know me personally, but here’s some background info for those who don’t: My name is Tierney, I do hair for a living and currently write reviews for, and I just moved to Austin, Tx. Boy, do I love it!

I’ve only been here three weeks, but so far I’ve been to some amazing places and I know it can only get better. I figured writing about it would be more efficient in sharing with everyone. I’ve had many phone conversations trying to tell everyone about my adventures and they are always missing parts or I take to long explaining so my poor listeners get bored. I’m terrible at talking on the phone.

Moving right along. I don’t know many people here, I have a few friends I have met going out (this is a story in itself) and I have some friends that have also moved here from the North Texas area. I went from being a coordinator for my group of friends (someone else’s words, not mine I promise!) to just trying to figure out where to go alone or relying on someone else to tell me where the good spots are in town. Like I’ve already mentioned, I’ve been to some amazing places so far and definitely plan on re-visiting some of these places and taking pictures. This post is just to catch up whoever is interested and to help myself keep track of what I’ve been doing. (Hey, sometimes nights blur together!) So where should I start?

The first night I was here I had a sort of welcome to Austin party a friend tried to put together for me at a bar called Weirdo’s. It’s right down the street from where I live so it’s a little more convenient than driving downtown all the time. I wasn’t exactly in a party mood that night, 50% because three people that are very close to me saw me off that day so that was a mood killer, 30% because I had partied so much the week before I wasn’t sure my poor body could take the abuse, and 20% being emotionally and physically drained from the whole process. But anyone that knows me knows I can’t stand to give up a good time, so I went on and drank with my new friends.

My friend that invited me to Weirdo’s had lived in Denton a bit and favored Lucky Lou’s while he was living there. He told me he liked Weirdo’s because it felt a little like Lou’s to him. Lucky Lou’s is by far one of the best bars in Denton, so I had high expectations about this bar. Pulling up I could tell it had that same sort of vibe Lou’s had, but I was still a bit skeptical. I walk in and I’m one of maybe seven people inside. I guess that’s to be expected on a Sunday though. I forget everyone else in the world uses their Sabbath day to rest. I rest, but I rest by making other people get me drinks. It works.

For the most part we stayed outside, the weather was still pretty decent at this point, under a huge white tent. I never got to ask why on earth that tent was there, but Im assuming it was to block the wind, which I was ok with. Patrons wondered out then in, coming outside to have a smoke since most bars in Austin are smoke-free. We eventually played a few games of darts, in which I proceeded to kick ass at. I seriously won every game, and it was awesome. I for sure got the Lou’s vibe from it, just a bar I guess. I think what makes Lou’s my bar is that I knew the crowd. I knew the bartenders. On sunday’s my friends and I took up the whole back area. My favorite bartenders bought me whiskey and PBRs. That’s what the vibe of Lou’s is to me. So no replacement bars. The bars are what they are and nothing more. I wont be able to joke about keeping a princess tent in the back of these bars for when I get too drunk. But Im damn sure willing to try.

When I re-visit Weirdo’s, I will get pictures and actually tell you more about it. I wont get all mushy on you, because I know you would like that.

Let’s see. The next night I ventured to T.C.’s Lounge. I’m trying to think if I’m going to save this one. Maybe you are tired of reading? Then come back later because I’m telling it!

T.C.’s Lounge was where my friend Hilary took me. I tried to look it up online to see if i could find any information and all I found were little reviews and an address. Good enough I guess. The little information I found intrigued me. Free Manwich Monday’s? A blues band? A diverse crowd? Oh wait, did you say B.Y.O.L.?! Excuse me? Yes, ok I’m in.

It was pretty much exactly how I imagined it. There was a crowd outside smoking and everyone out there looked around my age. Huh, and they are here to listen to blues? I walk in and the place is like a sauna, I kid you not, I walked in and immediately started shedding layers of clothing. I find Hilary in the crowd and join her at her table they miraculously were able to find and keep. Wine bottles were sitting unattended at tables. Whiskey was being poured generously into empty glasses. People were walking around with styrofoam bowls of Manwich. It was… a welcome change. I brought my own bottle of whiskey but opted for a PBR instead, because I was supposed to start my first day of work the next day, and I didn’t want them to get to know me right away.

One thing I love about Austin is that there is music everywhere, but with a blessing comes a curse, and sometimes you gotta go through a ton of bad before you find something amazing. The blues band that played that night was actually really awesome. I’m super picky about music and especially with blues bands. I don’t care how well you shred sir, you lack emotion and I can hear it in your lackluster guitar solos. This band was enjoying what they were doing and the crowd was too. 80% of the bar was up and dancing, which made for an even better time. I myself sat around and caught up with my old friend, and enjoyed the show. Im dying to go back, I’ve promised my dad I would take him and I want to share this place with more of my music loving friends.

Right, so I’ve caught you up on a few things. I will start posting pictures when i get some and update a little more regularly than my other blog. If you have any suggestions of what bars to visit I’d love that. Next time i’ll end this a little better. In the mean time thanks for checking this out! I’m excited about sharing my adventures and hopefully one day it might involve you!